Welling Lagerstedt & Honkanen Attorneys Ltd (“WLH”) charges a fee for each assignment. The amount of the fee depends on the complexity and scope of the matter.

No fee for initial discussions


The fee is generally based on hourly work, but a fixed fee is also possible depending on the type of assignment. We do not charge a fee for the initial consultation prior to an assignment.

The hourly price applicable to assignments varies depending on the quality of the matter:

  • for individuals starting at EUR 240 / hour (EUR 297,60 incl. VAT)
  • for companies starting  at EUR 250 (VAT 0 %)

We do not take any action before being expressly instructed to initiate a matter, and we provide an estimate of the total fee for the assignment during the initial consultation.

We will investigate on your behalf whether your insurance will cover fees or whether other external financing is possible.