WLH Private Wealth

WLH Private Wealth serves our clients in assignments related to family and inheritance law as well as asset management. We assist our clients in recognizing the available options and to achieve their desired objectives in a tax-efficient manner.

Legal advice on family and personal asset management

WLH is specialized in providing comprehensive support to our clients, offering solutions for matters related to family law and wealth management. Anton Lagerstedt regularly serves as a court-appointed estate administrators and/or distributors, which demonstrates WLH’s expertise in navigating the complexities of estate management. We are also highly skilled in handling litigation related to family law, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected and advocated for effectively. Our services include:

  • Taxation and tax planning, with a focus on estates
  • Family Wealth services, including estate administration
  • Asset management and transactions, specifically for estate assets
  • Expert handling of change-of-generation arrangements
  • Management of investment companies within estate contexts
  • Real estate matters, including estate properties
  • Inheritance law matters, with comprehensive executor services
  • Addressing marriage-related matters in the context of estate planning
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts related to estate management
  • Establishing and managing foundations as part of estate plans

Our team of experts is committed to delivering solutions that not only address the technical aspects of estate management and family law litigation but also appreciates the personal and emotional aspects involved.

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